© Cherry Home

The Home AI
that cares
for your
loved ones.

Cherry understands home events
and human behavior and tells
you if anything looks odd.

  • Know who’s home and
    what they’re up to.

  • Keep private lives private.

  • Monitor loved ones' well being
    and learn when something happens.

Cherry Home revolutionizes senior home care.

Caring for your
with Cherry technologies.

Best-in-class computer
vision to interpret events
and behaviors.

Cherry’s proprietary computer vision algorithms interpret optical data into virtual skeletons, which are used by the AI to understand and analyse home events and people's behaviors. Compared to other algorithms, Cherry’s require significantly less computing power to produce substantially more accurate models.

Precise people recognition
to let you know who’s home.

In addition to face recognition, Cherry distinguishes people by gait, body proportion, and the colors of their clothes. Therefore, even if you turn away from the sensor, the system will recognize you from the back.

Anomaly detection to
events that require

Cherry creates behavioural patterns for each family member in a particular location, at a specific time. The anomaly detection allows the system to immediately spot and classify unusual events and bring them to your attention.
Cherry technologies revolutionize senior home care.

You barely know it’s there.

Cherry was designed to blend into your home.